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DIY Welcome Post

An awesome DIY Welcome Post via

Today I wanted to share a DIY tutorial that is super cute and can be used all year long.  I was inspired by welcome post signs I’ve seen on Pinterest but wanted to add my own twist using materials I already had available.  The only thing I purchased was the 4x4x8 post.  If you do purchase any materials, you will be able to make (2) 4ft. Welcome Posts.  One for you and one to give away. Or you can use the other post to make any number of projects!

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • 4x4x8 wood post (I cut mine down to 4ft high) If you can’t cut it at home your local Home Depot can cut it for you fo’ FREE
  • wood glue
  • 1×12 cut down to 1- 5×5 wood square
  • 1×12 cut down to 2- 6×6 wood square
  • scrap window trim (optional) big enough for the 4×4 post top
  • scrap base molding (optional) big enough for the 4×4 post base
  • white paint (I used some left over paint, hehe) (optional)
  • black spray paint -or any color you choose
  • wall hook
  • caulk and wood filler-optional -I used it to fill any gaps on the trim
  • screws and drill -optional or gorilla glue
  • sand paper


STEP ONE: First thing we did was cut down all our wood pieces that needed to be cut.  I had my husband do the cutting for me, i’m not too skilled at using the saw and didn’t want to hurt myself.
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Home Decor: Decorating with Candle Wall Sconces | Home Decor: Candle Wall Scones

So I’ve had these mirrored wall sconces since forever and I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  I used to have them on the wall of my old dinning room but when we moved to our new home I decided not to use them in the dinning room again.  So I put them away -where they sat in storage for a THREE years.  Until a few weeks ago.

I was chatting with Tan about our back patio and was thinking of creative and inexpensive ways to spruce the place up when, boom! I remembered my wall sconces!  So Tan and I decided right then and there to put those bad boys to use and up they went. | Home Decor: Candle Wall Scones

It took us about 10 minutes to decided where we wanted them and to drill holes on the wall.  We used a hammer drill and some concrete anchor screws to make sure they stayed in place. [Please ignore the ugly shades and old door -those I’ll tackle in another time!]

anchorscrews | Home Decor: Candle Wall Scones

See how purdy they look?  [Although the pictures show real candles I switched them to battery operated candles that I also had in storage.  No risk of any of the kids getting hurt.]  Now I need to tackle the rest of the room.

It’s amazing how switching out your decor can give a room a pop of character.  I really do urge you to switch your decor around, it gives life to a dull space and doesn’t cost you a thing!

Have an awesome weekend!


DIY | Repurposing Old Wood Frames

DIY repurposed wall frame |

What up my peeps!  Today I thought I’d show you this super easy, super fun way to re-purpose some old wood frames you may have laying around the house.   Giving them a new look will make them feel like new frames!

It’s super easy and I think it came out cute!  I’m happy with it and so is my hubby!  Let’s get started..

What you’ll need are:

  • 3 old frames (either from you stash or flea market)
  • wool pad
  • spray paint (your color choice)
  • print out of your favorite sayings, quotes or important dates (like wedding or birthdays)

Other tools needed are 3M picture hanging strips or if your frames are heavy hook shaped picture hangers of your choice (these are smiliar to ones we used).

This is what the old frames looked like before…

DIY repurposed wood frames via

Not bad but I had them for about 10 years and was getting tired of looking at them.  We bought them on sale back then and pretty much just added a pic of our baby girl and hung them on the wall and called it a night.  Fast forward to today and I am ready to give them a bit of an update.

The first thing I did was grab my husbands wool pad and lightly sanded the frame, just to remove the varnish sheen it had.  This will help the spray stick.  You can’t see in the pictures but these were shinny frames.

DIY repurposed wood frames via

We had a black matte spray paint, which is exactly what we needed and quickly gave it two coats.  Making sure to allow enough drying time between the coats.

DIY repurposed wood frames via

While the frames were drying, I went on my computer and using Microsoft Word, I quickly typed out three phrases, making sure they were centered to the page and printed them out.  I gave the glass from the frame a quick cleaning and when all was dry, I put everything together.

Here are what my frames say: Our Wedding Song, Our Wedding Date, and a cute quote I found online.  And that’s it.

DIY repurposed wood frames via

Total cost for us was ZERO Dollars!  We had everything we needed and I think it came out lovely.  What I love about the frames are that each frame was a different style but by painting them all the same color, they look like they kind of match.  Without being too matchy!

I’m thinking of having a master bedroom tour.  If your interested let me know in the comments section.  I’ll start working on the rest of the room organization.  Who knows, Maybe I’ll post it on YouTube in the near future.

Until soon!