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How to Add Custom Vent Covers to Sliding Doors | Repurposing an old Door

Hi guys!  Today I wanted to share with you our recent re-purposing project.  When we first bought our house, 3 years ago (can you believe it?) we wanted to make some changes to our living room.  One of the changes was to update and add lighting since there was non previously (See my awesome hubby adding lighting in picture below).  We also sanded the floors and shined them all up real purdy like too. We removed wall paper and painted the walls, which looks awesome by the way ;).

How to add vent covers to old doors | hipncreative.wordpress.com

I had this idea to change the look of our old doors by removing the old slats and adding some awesome metal vent covers to the doors to give them a modern look.  So after discussing it with the hubs, we figured out a way to do just that.

So here is our step by step tutorial on how to add vent covers to sliding doors:

Materials you will need:

  • Metal Vent Covers (I found mine at Home Depot)
  • Wood filler
  • Window trim
  • small square wooden dowels
  • paint of your choosing (to paint wood doors) *optional
  • Spray paint (to paint vent cover) *optional

What you will need on hand:

  • Jigsaw
  • flat surface to work with
  • time and patience (lots and lots)
  • nail gun and finishing nails (Home Depot)
  • lots and lots of patience!

First thing we did was remove the sliding doors from the doorway and very carefully cut the slats out leaving the door frame intact.  Next my husband filled the holes where the slats were with wood filler.

While the wood filler was drying, he measured, cut and spray painted the metal vent covers (we used Rustoleum white paint).  After letting the wood filler completely dry (it took about 30 minutes), he carefully sanded all the doors until they were smooth.

Next he framed the front of the door with window trim, this will help the metal vent covers stay in place so it won’t pop out.  Next using a nail gun, we nailed the vent covers to the door.  We also added a small wooden dowels to the back of the doors.  This helped to hide the nails as well as provided extra back support for the metal vent covers not to slip out when opening and closing the doors.

Once we were happy with how the doors looks and works, we primed and painted the door.  We wanted to keep the doors white so priming and painting was pretty easy.  Once the paint dried, we replaced the doors back in it’s frame and done.  I have to admit this project was not an easy project and if your not that skills with air pressured machinery, this project is not for you.  It’s time consuming and you need a lot of patience as well as some carpentry knowledge.

I thank God my hubby is very talented and we were able to get this sucker done.  I really couldn’t have done this without his help.  Until next time my friends!

**UPDATE: A year later and our door is perfect!  Even though it was A LOT of work, it was so worth it!  My husband and I are still  in love with this project and are proud we DIYed this makeover, our first of many projects!

Awilda https://www.hipncreative.wordpress.com



Home Decor: Decorating with Candle Wall Sconces

hipncreative.wordpress.com | Home Decor: Candle Wall Scones

So I’ve had these mirrored wall sconces since forever and I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  I used to have them on the wall of my old dinning room but when we moved to our new home I decided not to use them in the dinning room again.  So I put them away -where they sat in storage for a THREE years.  Until a few weeks ago.

I was chatting with Tan about our back patio and was thinking of creative and inexpensive ways to spruce the place up when, boom! I remembered my wall sconces!  So Tan and I decided right then and there to put those bad boys to use and up they went.

hipncreative.wordpress.com | Home Decor: Candle Wall Scones

It took us about 10 minutes to decided where we wanted them and to drill holes on the wall.  We used a hammer drill and some concrete anchor screws to make sure they stayed in place. [Please ignore the ugly shades and old door -those I’ll tackle in another time!]



hipncreative.wordpress.com | Home Decor: Candle Wall Scones

See how purdy they look?  [Although the pictures show real candles I switched them to battery operated candles that I also had in storage.  No risk of any of the kids getting hurt.]  Now I need to tackle the rest of the room.

It’s amazing how switching out your decor can give a room a pop of character.  I really do urge you to switch your decor around, it gives life to a dull space and doesn’t cost you a thing!

Have an awesome weekend!


DIY Rustic Coffee Table

Hip 'N Creative |DIY Ana White Inspired Rustic Coffee Table via hipncreativewordpress.com

Hello my friends!  How are you all this lovely day?  Me.. not too shabby.  Here at HNC we’ve been very busy with end of the week school events and getting our summer groove on!  Hopefully it won’t be too hot this week and I can get a lot done before the kids are off for summer vacay (which means this Mama is gonna be even busier!)

I did want to show you this really awesome project that Tan and I worked on last weekend.  It’s our very own rustic coffee table!  GUYS I’m in love!  It is perfect!

Tan and I have been on the hunt for the perfect coffee and end tables since we first bought our home.  I’ve seen some nice tables out there but they were way too expensive.  So we talked about trying a D.I.Y project ourselves.  With Tan’s mad skills and my ‘can do’ attitude (if I could, I’d DIY everything) 😉 we decided to give it a try.

I searched Pinterest and found this awesome coffee table that we both loved and began planning.  We started working on this table last week using plans from Ana White’s website.  It’s super easy and the plans were laid out for us to follow.

To be honest neither one of us have any experience in wood working but we thought, why not?  We bought all the necessary tools, crossed our fingers, and hoped for the best.   And here she is in all her glory!

DIY Rustic Coffee Table inspired by Ana White

DIY Rustic Coffee Table inspired by Ana White | Hip 'N Creative

Now I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here and re-list the plans, but I will share with you some awesome photos of Tan in all his woodworking glory!

4 harvey1 harvey2 harvey3 jig woodframe

When we began this project, I wanted to stain the wood a natural dark color but it didn’t come out quite the way I wanted it to.  After a few failed attempts-on a scrap piece of wood -we decided to go for a gray stain.  We went to our local home improvement store and selected Weathered Gray from the Varathane Wood Stain collection.  Using a clean rag we lightly wiped the coffee table and removed the excess giving it that rustic look. (We wanted some of the natural wood to peak through).

We got to work on staining it and only used about 1/4 of the stain for the coffee table (the rest will be used on our future end tables).

We actually had a blast building this table and are very proud of how it all turned out.  I have to admit that I’ve been bit by the DIY bug again and am now on the hunt for future wood working projects!

I hope this inspires you to work on a project you’ve been wanting to try.

Until next time!




Update: Home Tour

Hey friends!

A while back I told you about our home adventures and that we were updating our new little home.  Well a lot has happened since then and I’m happy to say it was all good changes.  The house is coming along nicely and we are currently doing some finishing touches to our current home project.

Although we have LOTS more home renovation to do, we are so stoked to be this far into the game!  Here are some pics of our living and dining room.  The bedrooms are done as far as updates to it but I’m currently in the process of decorating the rooms to suit our styles.

My two younger girls share a bedroom and have two totally different tastes in style and every time I want to do something to their room it’s a huge struggle to get them to agree to anything.  Lucky for me I have veto power and will be moving forward with some design elements I think will be perfect for their room.

My older girl’s room is a totally different challenge.  She knows what she’d like to do with her room the problem is that her room is so small we’re having a hard time finding furniture and decor that doesn’t make the room too cramped!

As for the master bedroom, Tan and I seem to be in agreement with most of the decor elements, finding the time to implement them, however, is another challenge.  I’m sure everything will work it’s way out *fingers crossed*

Anywhoo, enough yappin’!  I’m sure you’re dying to see some pics of our home in the “during” phase of the before and after renovation job!  (Just a quick heads up, I took the current photos on my cell phone and did a rush job, I promise to post better pics as soon as I can!)

Living room {Before}


…and {After}


Dining room {Before}


….and {After}


I hope you enjoyed the pics, trust me when I say, it looks even better in person!  My friends and family are very happy for us and have commented on how beautiful everything is turning out!

I truly feel Blessed!

Until next time


Guess who’s back, back again!  Awilda’s back tell a friend…. Ok enough of that!  Hi guys!  I’m sooo happy and excited to be back!- can you tell?  I cannot believe that it’s been 4 MONTHS since we last chatted!  A lot has happened over the passed few months and let me tell you it has been one heck of a ride!  I would love to sit down and chat with you about the many crazy shenanigans that has happened here at Casa de HNC but it would probably take about another 4 months to say it all – and Oh honey I don’t have the strength!  So I’ll just give you cliff notes version of what’s been happening.  Deal?  Ok. First go ahead and grab yourself a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate 😉 ) i’ll wait…. ready?  Good, let’s get started….

When we last spoke Tan and I were putting some hard work into updating our lovely home when the powers that be decided that it was time for us to jump ship and move in to our home in mid-renovation.  Crazy right?! Although I won’t go into the boring details as to why we had to move (long story) I will say that it was the BEST decision for our crew.  Immediately there was a shift in the air -all positive- we were able to devote more time in working on our home and are a lot further ahead than we have dreamed possible.  I’m not gonna lie and say everything is perfect, but I will say I find it to be a bit easier.  While we are still in thick of it as far as renovations go we are so much closer than we were 4 months ago!

Aside from our Home Reno Projects, the kids are doing great!  They each love the neighborhood, love their school -shocking, I know- they actually get up every morning energized and excited to start their day.  Of course I still get the occasional “Can I stay home Mom?” request but it beats hearing how much they hated their old school on an almost daily basis.  Let me tell you, I used to struggle with theses kids, now my oldest is up before me and my younger two are actually helping me pack their lunches!  Awesome I tell you!

We had our very first Halloween parade at their middle school and the kids went trick or treating with their cousins and neighbors that night.  I actually gave out candy for my first time ever and had a blast!

My youngest celebrated her 7th birthday at Chuck E. Cheese with her family and my second baby celebrated her 11th birthday.  We took her out to eat at Ruby’s Diner and her grandparents surprised her with a visit.

My oldest girl has made some new friends and they immediately all clicked!  I’m so happy for all three of my girls, they were each worried they wouldn’t fit in or have friends but they each have made a very happy transition and I see many more great adventures for each of them.

As for Tan and myself we each are also doing pretty well.  Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we are still working hard with the home renovations and there are times when it feels like it will never end.  So far the bedrooms are done with the exception of some room decor that I’d like to add.  The living room and dining room are closer to being completed as well.  We are putting down trim and will be painting the walls as well as redoing the floors to give it a but more oomph!

As soon as I can I’ll try to post some pictures of our living room and dinning room.  As for the rest of the house we still have a lot more to do.  We haven’t even tackled the kitchen -that’s a monster left for another day.  The family room, laundry room, front and back patios and three bathrooms all need some love as well, but Tan and I both agreed that we’ll be taking a break from any major remodeling for at least 6 months.  Don’t worry thought I’ll still be sharing some awesome DIY home decor, craft and cooking projects as well as any cool shop findings.

Thanks so much for reading my long post, you my friend are definitely a rock star!  Until next time… stay awesome!