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Plan with Me in my Happy Planner Snow White Theme | Hip ‘n Creative

What’s up guys!  Today I wanted to show you how I decorated my Happy Planner.  I absolutely love how this spread turned out!  It’s by far one of my favorites!  I hope to do more in my Happy Planner as far as decorating it.  I’m also working on some planner stickers that I can use as quick reminders for my weekly cleaning and blogging.

If you are interested in seeing my spread head on over to my YouTube channel:

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See You soon!


How I Decorate my MAMBI Happy Planner

What’s up guys! I love love love my Happy Planner!  Over the passed 3 monthsI have become obsessed with decorating and organizing it for future use.  Ever since I decided to be a bit more organized with my day to day I find that I accomplish a lot more than I have before.  Now being totally honest with you, there are days that I am a confused mess.  I don’t always plan properly then find myself wishing I remembered the Drs appointment or that my daughter’s orchestra fee was due!

But now with my Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas, those forgotten days have become less -a lot less.  Now I am NOT being sponsored by them in any way (although I wish I was), I just really like them 🙂  Ok so on to my happy planner decorating:  One of the things I like to do is go online an find some inspiration.  I just google what I want my theme to be or find a free planner printable on pinterest and some cute washi tape and I start decorating.  Click on the link to download my recent plan with me spread: Fox Planner Printable | Happy Planner Hipncreative

Fall Fox Cuties | Hipncreative

There’s no wrong way to decorating your planner, it really is up to you and what you think it should look like.  I leave a lot of white space on my planner because there are times when I get a last minute entry.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own planner, I suggest going to your local Michael’s or Hobby Lobby craft stores.  There are quite expensive at $30 each but you can use a 40% coupon to save some dough. Plus they also have some cute planner accessories that would go great with your Happy Planner.

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You can also click on the image below and be taking directly to my Plan with me Video!

plan with me Happy Planner Hipncreative


Until next time guys, happy planning!


Bathroom Closet Organization

Hi guys!  Today I wanted to show you how I organized my bathroom closet.  We’ve been blessed to have a closet in our bathroom with plenty of storage.  But I have been neglecting it for a while now.

Bathroom Closet Organization |

Over the summer I bought some Dollar Tree bins and wanted to spruce up my closet and get it all purrty.  I organized it and then left it be.  I really don’t go into this closet very often.  I have my own bathroom and kept my stuff separate from the main bathroom with the exception of medications, I have them all in one spot away from the kids.   One day I needed some allergy meds and couldn’t find it in the mess.  So I decided to give it a quick cleaning, organized it with dollar tree bins and some shoe boxes and made some labels too.  (click on the image below to download a copy of the labels)

Small bathroom closet organization |

I created the labels with a simple blue border, and created a category for my bathroom necessities then laminated them.  I got the laminator on amazon for $20.00 -regular $33.00 plus free shipping.  Good deal right?.

Quick Tip: If you don’t have a laminator, you can use packing tape!  It’s a cheap alternative and the best part is that you can use a dry erase marker to erase and relabel your tags!  You may be able find both the tape and the marker at your local Dollar Tree.

Ok here is what I did:

First I purge all the expired medicines and old products we didn’t use.  Then I organized each bin or shoe box with same items. Example: I made a bin for all oral products- toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, etc.  I made another for all medications- Tylenol, Aleeve, ibuprofen, etc and labeled it.  I made one for First aid items -gauze, bandages, cotton swabs, cotton balls, etc… you get the idea.  This system was great, immediately my oldest and hubby said this was a great idea because now they knew where everything is when they need it and where everything goes when they need to put things away!

I also bought some shelf liners to use because I was sick to death of the old stained, smelly wall paper that was there previously.

Here is a close up of the old ugly wallpapered mess:

Bathroom Closet Organization |

And here is the new version:

Bathroom Closet Organization |

Small Bathroom Closet Organization |

The old wall paper came off without of problem.  It took me about 5 minutes to remove and replace the shelves with liners.  All I did was measure the shelf and cut the liners, making sure to leave a half inch extra on the ends, while leaving about 2inches  front and back.  For the top two shelves, I completely wrapped both the top and the bottom of the shelves (like a gift) so when I look up I don’t see the ugly shelf, but nice liner.    I love how it looks, that small change made the bathroom look way better.  The best part is that it only cost me $3.00!  I have extra liners that I purchased and didn’t use in the closet that I will be using under my bathroom sinks.  Even my hubby and the kids like the way it looks!

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I hope this motivates you to spruce up a neglected space.  Remember don’t strive for perfect, strive for done!

Until next time my friends!


**This is not a sponsored blog post.  All opinions are my own**



Home Organization | How to Fold a Bath Towel

Hi guys!  I hope you’re all having a fabulous day.   Today I’m going to show you a quick tutorial on how I fold my bath towels. I have tried several folding and rolling methods for a while and really like the simplicity of this version.  In the future I will show you other methods of towel folding so you can try the other ways.  Hopefully you’ll find one that works for you.  Ready? Let’s do this!

On a flat surface fold both ends of the towel to the center not overlapping the towels.

How to Fold a Bath Towel via

Next bring both ends of your towel to the center not overlapping.


Do it again only this time you’ll fold the outer end of your towel upward towards the center (like below).

How to Fold a Bath Towel via

How to Fold a Bath Towel via

Finally fold in half again and boom!, there you have it!  A nice clean fold with no towel corners shown.

How to Fold a Bath Towel via

I like this method because it keeps the towels neat so when you place your towels in your linen closet or armoire, you won’t see a sloppy mess.  Nice!  Also by folding it this way I find that my towels don’t take up too much valuable real estate.  Which is another win!

There you have it!  If you have other towel folding methods you’d like to share, please leave me a comment below!  I hope you guys have an awesome day!


Keeping Things Organized

As I’ve mentioned once or twice in this blog, we are temporarily living in a two bedroom apartment while we shop for a new home.  You would think that living in a small space everything would be neat and tidy.  But I’m sad to say that’s not the case at Casa de HNC.  It’s been pretty difficult to find a home for everything.  This place is over flowing with things and I feel like I’ve been on a daily basis picking up and cleaning after everyone!

One night I was on Pinterest (my obsession!) and was pinning away all the creative ways I can organize our living space, in the hopes that one day, I’ll have a nice, clean and organized living space.  But in the mean time I’ll just keep pinning away all my favorite organization ideas.  Here are some of my favs from out in Blog Land:


Key Organizer from Martha Stewart


Kids Organize Cabinet by iHeart Organizing


Garage Storage by Handyman


“Transient Items” Storage by The Red Chair Blog


Under cabinet drawer by Handyman

How about you?  Do you have any awesome organizing tips you’d like to share with me?  If so, chat me up, I’d love to hear your awesome ideas!

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