Plan with Me | Mambi Happy Planner | Kawaii Theme

I don’t know how I’ve lasted this long without my Happy Planner.  I used to write dates and appointments on a post it note or add it to my google calendar but then I’d forget about it or snooze my phone alerts.

Plan with Me | Happy Planner | hipncreative

Ever since I started using my Happy Planner I’m actually ready for the day.  I plan my meals, schedule my cleaning for the day, add important reminders, doctors appointments and so on.  I especially love decorating my planner.  I don’t know what it is, but something about having a pretty planner gets me super excited about using it on a daily basis.  So far on my planner I have decorated with 4th of July theme, Floral Theme, Grey Theme, Beauty and the Beast theme.

Now that we are entering the month of August, I have decorated my first monthly spread and I love it!  I think it’s so cute and fun!  So I wanted to share my Kawaii Theme with you! Just click on the link below and you’ll be able to download the planner Kawaii Theme.  Just please make sure you use it for personal use only.  Enjoy!

Plan with Me | Mambi Happy Planner | Kawaii Theme | Hipncreative

Happy Planner | Plan with Me Happy Planner | Hipncreative

 Yay!  I hope you like it and if you do use the printable, please let me know by tagging me on instagram @hipncreative or you can leave me a comment below.

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You can also click on the image below and be taking directly to my Plan with me Video!

Plan with Me Kawaii Theme | Hipncreative

Have a fun week and Happy Planning!


Dollar Tree Haul | Planner Supplies & More | July 2016 @hipncreative

Hey Guys!  I hope you’re all having a wonderful day!  Me, I’m starting to feel like my old self again.  It’s been a pretty rough couple of weeks but I’m ok now.  Recently, I went on a small Dollar Tree Shopping spree and decided to share what I got on my Youtube Channel.  So head on over to my YouTube Channel and check out all the awesome stuff I got!

Dollar Tree Haul & Planner Supply | July 2016 | hipncreative

I hope you enjoy the video as much as I enjoyed making it!  It has been such an adventure learning how to create and edit videos.  I’m even learning how to do voice overs and how to plan my videos to give better quality content.

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DIY Hexagon Shelf Wall Art | Easy and Inexpensive

Hey guys!  Today I wanted to share with you this super easy and inexpensive DIY Hexagon Shelf tutorial.  I have a large window in my dining room but the walls on either side of the window are bare.  I decided to look in Pinterest to see if I find anything that would inspire me.  I also wanted to make something with items I already had on hand.  This Hexagon Shelf was perfect for me!

DIY Hexagon Shelf Tutorial DIY Hexagon Shelf Materials Needed:

  • Popsicle Sticks (about 100 each shelf)
  • Glue Gun &  Glue Sticks (or tacky glue)
  • Paint or Wood Stain (*optional)
  • Paint Brush
  • 3m Picture Frame Tape (*optional)
  • HexagonTemplate (use as a guide to keep the angles straight as possible.)
  • Cereal box or newspaper to protect your work surface
  • Gloves (if you’re using a stain)


  1.  Print the Hexagon Template and use it as a guide.  Add a dab of glue to the ends of the popsicle sticks and stagger them like below (make sure the glue is facing up):DIY Hexagon Shelf Tutorial, Step 1

Next layer your sticks to make your hexagon shape.

DIY Hexagon Shelf 2

DIY Hexagon Shelf 3

3. Continue glueing and  layering your sticks until your Hexagon is as deep as you’d like.  My shelf ended up being 16 sticks deep.

DIY Hexagon Shelf

4. If using tacky glue allow it to dry then, begin to stain your shelf, make sure you get in between your sticks.  I used gloves to keep my hands from getting stained as well as an old cereal box to protect my work surface.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 3.30.32 PM

5.  Now time to hang your shelf.  I used 3m picture frame strips but you can also glue frame hooks or use 2 small nails on your wall.

And that’s it!  A pretty little DIY Hexagon Shelf!  I hope enjoy this project as much as I enjoyed making it!

If you want to see a step by step video of how I made these shelves, head on over to my YouTube Channel or click on the image below!

DIY Hexagon Shelf Tutorial

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Pinterest Inspired 4th of July Treats

Pinterest Inspired 4th of July Treats

I cannot believe that July is just around the corner!  July is a special month for me not only because we celebrate our Independence Day here in America but it also happens to be my birthday month and wedding Anniversary!  So in celebration of the coming month I put together three super easy Pinterest Inspired 4th of July treats!

Cherry Bomb

4th of July Cherry Bombs

Ingredients Needed:

  • Maraschino Cherries
  • White Candy Melts or White Chocolate Morsels
  • Blue Sprinkles or sugars

Melt your chocolate according to package directions.  Drain and pat your cherries dry then, dipped in the melted chocolate,  dip/rotate into sprinkles, transfer it to wax paper and that’s it!  Easy right?

Chocolate Covered Oreos

4th of July Oreos


  • 12 oreos
  • white chocolate melts
  • red chocolate melts
  • blue chocolate melts
  • Oreo candy Mold (available in most crafts stores or online)

Melt your chocolate according to package directions, then pour some of the melted chocolate onto the oreo mold. Next, gently push the oreos in allowing the candy to rise around the oreo. Add some more chocolate anywhere the oreo is exposed. Place them in the refrigerator until firm for about 15 – 20 minutes. Next place some melted chocolate in a sandwich bag and melt according to directions. Snip the top of the sandwich bag and drizzle onto oreos in a zig zag pattern (or you can spoon drizzle the chocolate). Refrigerate to firm the chocolate and that’s it all done!

4th of July CakeRed, White & Blue Cake


  • White Cake Mix (water, vegetable oil and eggs called for in the box )
  • (1) 12oz. can White Frosting
  • Blue Food Coloring
  • Red Food Coloring


Heat the oven for 350◦F.  Grease a bundt cake pan.  Make your cake according to package directions and divide the mix into three seperate bowls.  Add blue food coloring to one bowl and mixed to the desired color.  Then, add red food coloring to the second bowl and mix to the desired color.

Pour the red cake batter onto your greased pan.  Next, carefully pour the white cake mix over the the red making sure you don’t stir it.  Last pour the remainder of the blue batter onto the pan, again make sure not to stir.

Bake as directed on the box or until your toothpick inserted is clean.  Cool for 5 minutes.

Once your cake is completely cool, equally divide your frosting onto three separate bowls.  Use the food coloring again to make one bowl blue and the other red, leaving one white.  Microwave each bowl for a few seconds (I did 15 seconds) until it’s smooth enough to drizzle.  Then drizzle onto the cake!  That’s it!

Come check out my Youtube Channel for a video tutorial of the treats or Click on the image below to go directly to the video!

Hip 'n Creative YouTube Channel

If you decide to create any of these treats, I’d love to see it,  please share your mad skills with me on Instagram using the hashtag #hnctreats.

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DIY Welcome Post

An awesome DIY Welcome Post via

Today I wanted to share a DIY tutorial that is super cute and can be used all year long.  I was inspired by welcome post signs I’ve seen on Pinterest but wanted to add my own twist using materials I already had available.  The only thing I purchased was the 4x4x8 post.  If you do purchase any materials, you will be able to make (2) 4ft. Welcome Posts.  One for you and one to give away. Or you can use the other post to make any number of projects!

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • 4x4x8 wood post (I cut mine down to 4ft high) If you can’t cut it at home your local Home Depot can cut it for you fo’ FREE
  • wood glue
  • 1×12 cut down to 1- 5×5 wood square
  • 1×12 cut down to 2- 6×6 wood square
  • scrap window trim (optional) big enough for the 4×4 post top
  • scrap base molding (optional) big enough for the 4×4 post base
  • white paint (I used some left over paint, hehe) (optional)
  • black spray paint -or any color you choose
  • wall hook
  • caulk and wood filler-optional -I used it to fill any gaps on the trim
  • screws and drill -optional or gorilla glue
  • sand paper


STEP ONE: First thing we did was cut down all our wood pieces that needed to be cut.  I had my husband do the cutting for me, i’m not too skilled at using the saw and didn’t want to hurt myself.
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