Taking Stock

July is my birthday month as well as Tan and My Anniversary (woo hoo!)   I have to admit, the beginning of last year was not the best year for me but I have been doing a lot better.  I try my best not to be a negative person.  I feel that when you focus on the negative you miss out on the positive, (Can I get a Amen!)…  Although we have had our share of bumpy rides, I truly believe that God has big plans and we are now in a better place.

The other day I was reading one of my favorite blogs when I came across this post and thought I’d join in on the fun.   For the original post please go here.

Making : wire bracelets
Cooking : sandwiches ;)
Drinking : coke
Reading: Heaven is For Real
Wanting: to finally move in to our home and start projects that are stuck in my head
Looking: for bedroom furniture
Playing: board games with the kids
Wasting: time
Sewing: nothing… yet!
Wishing: to see my family more often
Enjoying: the summer with my girls :)
Waiting: for my hubby to come home
Liking: cool drinks on a summer day
Wondering: if I’ll ever be organized
Loving: my family and life
Hoping: summer doesn’t go by too fast
Needing: some space for my stuff
Smelling: clean linen
Wearing: pink lace tank top with jean shorts
Noticing: how big my girls are getting
Knowing:  everything is fine
Thinking: about my future goals ;)
Feeling: happy
Opening: email

Hope you all have a wonderful day!  Until soon!

xxoo Awilda

Fun 4th of July Round Up

I love summer and I love celebrating the 4th of July!  To help celebrate the 4th I created a fun 4th of July round up with fun and easy crafts, snacks and decor:

How nommy is this Cracker Jack party snack by Pizzazzerie:


Refresh yourself and your guest with these adorable patriotic drinks by In Katrina’s Kitchen:


I love chocolate covered pretzels and I love these from Oh My! Creative:


I think I’ll be making this vintage banner for my next Patriotic Holiday by Catch my Party:


Enjoy these awesome Free printables by Bird’s Party:


Stars on the lawn is a fun activity my kids love!  Via Sunset:


These are some pretty cool topiaries from Simply Designing:


Pretty and Simple is what I call these sparklers in a jar from Kara’s Party Ideas:


Until next time!



Birthday Wish List

Anyone who knows me knows that I love jewelry.  And since my birthday is coming up I thought I’d share a few pieces that I’d love to own:

This gorgeous bracelet is from Saressa Design:  I love it and WANT it lol


How adorable is this necklace by Elisabeth Ashlie.. WANT!


How about these babies by Aina Kai… Beautiful eh?


How pretty is this infinity bracelet by Nadin Glassico.. I WANT!


So there it is folks… my birthday wish list.  I’m sure I’ll be seeing adding more to my wish list but this is a very good start.

Until soon!



DIY Wallpaper Removal {what worked for me}

The other day I posted a picture of my three beauties removing wallpaper from our dining room (see below).  At the time, we were about 30% started (after about a week of scraping) and had a long way to go. Especially since we also had to remove wallpaper from the living room, hallway and two bathrooms.  Ugh!

How to remove wallpaper, DIY wallpaper removal via Hip 'n Creative

Gorgeous, eh!

DIY wallpaper removal via Hip 'n Creative

DIY wallpaper removal via Hip 'n Creative

After I posted these pics, a friend suggested that I use a spray bottle with fabric softener to remove wallpaper.   I tried it and it worked like a charm!

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Spray bottle or bucket with sponge
  • A scraper
  • wallpaper scoring tool
  • hot water
  • fabric softener


Use one cap full of fabric softener with one spray bottle full of hot water (as hot as you can get it without burning yourself)

Step One: We were lucky that our home didn’t have any furniture so no heavy lifting and moving.  We started off just picking a corner where the wall paper was easy to peel and started pulling it up and out.  The first layer of wall paper is pretty easy to remove and shouldn’t give you a hard time, but if it does you can use the water solution to help with the removal.


Step Two: The under layer of wall paper is a bit tough and has all that yucky glue.  At this point I used a small scoring tool, like the one pictured above (you can get at any hardware store) and scored the walls.  The small holes will allow the solution to remove the glue behind the wallpaper.   I highly recommend you do this step because it will help, trust me!

Step Three:  Spray your wall with the solution and let it sit for about five minutes.  Remember to spray small sections at a time or you’ll have to respray the wall -speaking from experience here folks!  I did one strip to two strips at a time (or whatever you can do in less than fifteen minutes).  Then grab your handy-dandy scraper and scrape that bad boy- scrape it I say!   You can use a wallpaper scraper or a putty knife.  We used our awesome father in laws tools which was a huge time saver!  God Bless that man!

Some of our wallpaper came off super easy (easy enough that my six year old just peeled it off -top and bottom layers!) other areas were not so easy and we had to spray and scrape several times until we got it all out.  But in the end all the wallpaper is off the living room, dining room and the hall way -woohoo!  The bathrooms will be left for another day.  Next up on our project is cleaning and “mudding” the walls until they’re nice and smooth.

Until next time…

Adios xxoo


Home Tour

Today I thought I’d give you a quick tour of our home.  It’s not a new home but it is new to us and we love it.  The previous home owner was an elderly lady who did the best she could with what she had (God rest her soul) but the home needs a bit of updating.  The pictures were taken during our home inspection and since then we’ve been pretty busy and have made some major behind the scene up dating.

here is our living room:


Right now Tan, the kids and I are working hard removing wallpaper and updating the electric throughout the first and second floors.  Once we’re moved in (which hopefully will be soon) we are going to create a ‘punch list’ of projects we’d like to get done -at our leisure.   Don’t worry though, any major work (like updating the electric) was done by the professionals.  ‘Cause crazy we’re not! ;)

Our kitchen:



Here are some more pictures of our home in their “before” stage… Come back often and see the awesome “after” transformation!




We’re hoping to finish up with our renovation project soon, so we can enjoy our little space within the next couple of weeks.  I cannot wait to move in and enjoy the summer in our New Home!

2014 Walk-a-thon

2014 walkathon

three legged race with friend

Tan, the kids and I participated in a recent walk-a-thon and I have to say it was a blast.  The walk was about two miles long, a good distance for the kids to participate in – which for them was a big deal especially since they get tired just waking one city block, lol.   It was such a fun time!  Once we arrived at the Community Center the kids participated in some fun activities.  They ran a three legged race, played a round of soccer, the older kids played volley ball and soft ball and well as basketball and the little ones played toss, hockey and indoor games of tug of war and building blocks.  At break time they enjoyed ice cream treats, hot dogs and plenty of water, which we definitely needed that day, because boy was it HOT!

2014 walkathon activity

It was such an inspiring day and it was pretty cool to interact with my kids and their friends!


I highly recommend participating in a walk-a-thon!  I can’t wait to do this again soon :)

My Goals


One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep a collection of all the fun and creative inspirations and to share what I’ve learned along the way.

Another reason why I created this blog was to keep myself accountable for the many goals I set out.   I often start off pretty strong (for about 3 months) then life gets in the way and poof my goals are forgotten.   I’m hoping that by putting my aspirations on my blog for the world to see I will accomplish most (if not all) of my dreams.

I have always had this belief that through God all things are possible but you also have to do your part to achieve your life goals.  With that in mind, here is a list of goals I have set out to achieve:

  • Create and Maintain weekly cleaning schedule.
  • Create systems of organization for home/blog/kids
  • Create and maintain a monthly budget, record all purchases
  • Buy a new (to us) house this year. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!
  • Be intentional about inviting others into our home 2+ times a month
  • Read at least one book on the topics of faith, marriage, raising children, home/organization, blogging, etc
  • Have at least three date nights/month (one out, two at home).
  • Show my hubby small gestures of love & appreciation through notes, phone calls, etc.
  • Write consistently to polish skills – at least 3 blog posts/week
  • Get published elsewhere
  • Take up running and work out at least 4x a week
  • Learn to cook/eat healthier
  • Learn a new physical challenge: dancing, cross training, yoga, pilates etc..
  • Continue creative projects and crafts for this blog
  • Share some DIY projects and home design projects
  • Create YOUtube vidoes and tutorials
  • Grow this blog!

Whew! That seems like a lot right now.  But it does feel great to put it all out there and to hold myself accountable. It’s kind of like my first day at school. I’m anxious and excited to get this started!

What about you? What are some of your goals?



Springfield!.. Here We Come!

Hello!  Can you believe it has been almost 8 months since we set off to buy our new home?   Yikes!  I know!  Although the search for our ‘perfect’ home took a bit longer than we anticipated,  I am happy to say that we finally found a home that we love!  We go under contract next week and then we will have a fabulous little home in Springfield, PA.    I cannot wait to move in!  The house is perfect for our needs and is in great condition!

Moving out of the city with three kids and two dogs at the end of the school year is going to be interesting, to say the least!   I know the next week or so will have me up to my ears in moving boxes and packing tape, but I welcome the challenge.   We anticipate moving into out new home by the end of June (or sooner)!  I promise to show some pictures of our new space (and maybe a DIY project or two) in the near future.  As for now, the countdown begins!…

5 Fabulous Spring Hairdos

Happy Spring!

I cannot believe we are finally in the Spring Season!  Woot Woot!

I don’t know how much more winter I can take, especially my poor hair!  I’ve had the worse hair season.  My hair has been dry, frizzy and because of the stinking snow, I had “hat hair” almost all winter long.. boo!  But no more…  With the days getting longer and winter behind us we can now focus on some fun spring styles.  Here is a list of great go to hairdos I do for me and my minions.


There are two styles I always rock when I am pressed for time (which is always) One is the ponytale.  I used to just grab my hair, tie it up and keep going, but lately I’ve been taking a few extra minutes to give my hair a bit more pizzazz.  Like this pony from Asiantown.net.  Very simple and not too time consuming.. which is a win for me :)


My second go to hairdo is the messy bun.  The double bun from The Small Things Blog is awesome.  I do this hair style (whenever I’m not sporting the ponytail) prior to getting the kids ready for school.  My morning routine is not the best.  We usually have enough time for me to pack the kids lunch and snacks, help them get dressed, do their hair and make sure they eat their breakfast (which my hubby Tan provides -yeah he’s awesome ;) ) then it’s off to school then do my errands.


I have to admit, I love the low side braid.  This is so easy to do and takes me less than 5 minutes to create.  I usually do this when I’m on my way out shopping or having a casual day with the family.  Her Campus shows you how to create this super cute, super easy hairdo.


Here is a fun two in one hair style, the fishtail bun by Teen Vogue.  You can either stop at the fishtail braid or continue on and create a braid bun.  Although the fishtail braid is a bit tricky the results are awesome.  My youngest girl loves this style.


Last but not least is the side pony.  Very fun hairstyle that is easy to do.   No tutorial but check out Style Me Pretty for awesome inspirations.

There you have it, 5 of my favorite Hairdos for the spring/summer season.  What about you.  What’s your go to hairdo?  Leave me a comment, I’d love to hear from you :)

5 Fun Craft Ideas

Happy Humpday!  Today I’m sharing five fun crafts I spotted over the weekend and decided to share the fun finds with you.  Let’s get started:

ampersand thumbtack

I’m a sucker for typographical art and  found this adorable DIY Ampersand Art by Live Love DIY.


Here I found this awesome bathroom wall art by Two It Yourself.  She re-purposed an old picture frame, which I think she did an great job!


How gorgeous is this dahlia corsage by Not Martha.  I have some left over felt that I’m just dying to give this a try!


I would absolutely love this Love Infinity Wall Art by Life of a Craft Crazed Mom.


And finally this fantastic Pop Up Photo Box by The DIY Village.  I think it’s totally ah-mazing and I cannot wait to create one of my own.

There you have it folks!  5 truly creative projects from some truly creative people.  What about you?  What creative projects are you currently working on?

Peace Out!